The Underwear Nazi

Malcolm Kluk is a self-proclaimed Soldier for Underwear Care, here is some advice from him

If you’ve ever had a fitting with Malcolm, you know that he emphasizes well-fitting underwear as a fashion fundamental and the most essential accessory to that KLuK CGDT outfit. This is why we have decided to put a list together of his most important tips:

  • Underwear is as important to the look of a designer garment as the fabric you choose.
  • There is no point spending money on the outside when the inside that sits on your body is not perfect.
  • Bras – should be plain not lacy., you should always have your cup size professionally measured (most women wear the incorrect size). The back – Strap should always sit below the bottom of the cup to avoid the dreaded back fat.
  • Brooks – should be seamless and sit as high in the narrowest part of your waist and cover the bum to avoid visible panty lines.
  • The shorts aren’t always necessary but they do elongate the smoothness of a dress.
  • It is also nice to wear an all in one to avoid visible lines and muffin top.
  • When wearing light colour clothing underwear should be skin colour or darker (never wear white undies under white clothes)
  • And Finally, A secret trick is to wear foundation clothes one size too small. It really does work and remember beauty knows no pain!

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