Bridal & Bespoke



Thank you for considering Malcolm and Christiaan to design for you a couture garment…The term couture is French and means a garment that is made to measure. Please be aware that you will need to be flexible with your schedule and make time for this important element of the process. We would prefer customers to make a minimum of one trip to our Cape Town boutique for a fitting, but this is not always necessary.

Our attention to detail and fastidiousness is because our reputation demands a certain standard of garment…you are the testament to our quality and service. Equally your satisfaction is very important to us, so expect us to be selective about the design, expect to need to book in advance and know that we will endeavour to make sure this is a truly special experience…

Please contact our Cape Town or Johannesburg boutiques to book your design consultation where you will also discuss possibilities for fabric. There will be a non-­‐refundable fee for this first meeting and thereafter a quote will be sent to you for approval. A 50% deposit and signed form will be required for us to begin. At the first mock-­‐up fitting we will show fabric samples and only once we are happy with the fit, will we proceed to actual fabric.

We do not limit the amount of fittings, but prefer instead to fit until we are all happy.

Best Wishes, Macolm, Christiaan and The Team… 


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