Afroture: What Is It?

Malcolm & Christiaan transcended expectations at this year’s MBFWA with their ethno-universal theme, we investigate this Afro-Future trend

Is it time to consider the future of Africa rather than harking back to the past. This has been on our minds for quite some time. We present to you our Afro-Future collection, part techno, part chaos and part heritage but always luxurious and sophisticated.

It’s about juxtapositions. It’s about silk dresses with Nike trainers. It’s ladylike and sporty. It’s about moving forward and being positive. It’s optimistic.

In this spirit we rethink our whole retail experience with the launch of a new website to bring an interactive online boutique to the retail customer. We always have to consider the customer, this is why we design.

We are the only South African designer brand with a national footprint, with stores in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town. We are the only designer brand that offers off the rack READY-TO WEAR in sizes as well as MADE TO ORDER and BRIDAL DISCOVER THE NEW

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