KLuK CGDT will showcase 12 couture gowns worn by the finalists at the finale of Miss South Africa 2014 on Sunday 30 March at 17h30 on Mzansi Magic Channel 161

KLuK CGDT is honoured to be the exclusive couture designer for the Miss South Africa finale, this Sunday, 30 March 2014. Malcolm & Christiaan designed 12 unique styles to suit the personality and body shape of the vivacious finalists. Following the design, our Cape Town studio has been hard at work making patterns, sewing seams together and hand-stitching the finishing touches to ensure the girls look their absolute best for the crowning moment.

The Miss South Africa organizers advised us to choose one colour per finalist as it is easier for the viewers at home to support because they can ” like the girl in green”. However, we still wanted to keep it elegant so we opted for shades that blend to make one story. Tune into channel 161 Mzansi Magic at 17h30 on Sunday 30 March to see what colours we picked. The most important thing for Malcolm & Christiaan was that each dress suited its wearer’s personality and body shape. KLuK CGDT has always believed that the most important part of a dress is the woman wearing it and when designing gowns for Miss South Africa, it was essential that the contestant’s beauty would be enhanced by the dress, not overshadowed by it.

KLuK CGDT has been in talks with The Miss South Africa Organisation and Sun International since mid-2013. We also participated in the Road To Miss SA Show for a bridge fashion show. Malcolm & Christiaan were both impressed with the girls runway confidence as many of them don’t have professional catwalk experience. In addition, mother nature decided to throw a wildcard their way and the finalists were required to walk through the rain, on a bridge over water. The ladies handled it with poise and grace and we look forward to seeing it all come together on Sunday.

Here is a picture of the ladies with the beautiful Anglo Platinum Crown. This crown use 120g of platinum and was designed by Jack Friedman Jewelers with the help of our own Malcolm. The crown is called Palesa


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