It was Surreal

ItsSURREAL – it’s about “colour or not”, it’s “turned on its head or back-to-front”, its “Alice through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole”, its “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”, its “an acid trip with a rainbow destination”

We always like to create a universe for our customers to experience what goes on in our minds and the Sunflower Fund gave us this opportunity by asking us to create an event for them to raise funds. We share their bright outlook about making people happy. We love colour and fabric and pretty things and this collection let itself perfectly to bring a positive message to the guests attending.

We converted the beautiful Deco Bancroft Studios into a nightclub reminiscent of the 30’s. Guests walked past a live mermaid sitting in a fountain while both of us welcomed everybody from a projection onto the building.

THE BANCROFT building in all its glory with Malcolm and Christiaan welcoming people from above || Mermaid posing in fountain

Inside, the cocktail lounge, was actually the backstage area where models lounged in underwear while having the last touch ups done to their hair and make-up. It was like a private invitation into the dressing room (where all the best parties happen!). Cocktails of cotton candy and glitter or Plastic bags with “goldfish” and a straw added to the surreal theme.

MAC doing their magic on the girls || models from 3D Model Agency posing in INNER SECRETS Lingerie “backstage”. All the wigs were cut by Rene Nunes
ABSOLUT. providing our guests with fun cocktails

The dinner gong sounded and huge curtains opened to our virtual MC, Angel Campey, projected onto the back wall inviting guests to take their seats. The Manouche gypsey band serenaded as Heart shaped tomato tarts and Lobster burgers were served in specially printed burger boxes for dinner. Super buffed male models in the skimpiest of shorts sold balloons with prizes, as guests were first entertained by the fashion show and then by the auctioneer, no-one has ever felt so good about giving money away. Sweet trolleys of Surreal fancies were wheeled out with indulgent marshmallow breasts, bug shaped zoo biscuits, lilac candyfloss milkshakes and lipstick red velvet cakes while Baristas rolled out carts of gourmet hot chocolate and shots of coffee to bring us all back down to earth.

Main course served in printed “itsSURREAL” burger boxes with waiters dressed with “fake” mustaches and Fez’s serving heart shaped tomato quiche
KLuK CGDT fashions how|| for more information on collection “itsSURREAL” click below

And as guests left, the goodie bag included a colouring in book of the entire collection to add your own colour to our collection!

Many people joined-in generously and we would like to thank you for your support. KLUK CGDT were the hosts but these people made it happen.

Pernod Ricard and Absolut, who said yes to everything, Investec, Nine West and MAC cosmetics. To Rene Nunes, the Edward Scissorhands for KLUK CGDT. To 3D model agency, with a special shout out to Irina who must be in the guiness book of records for the most shoot images in one day, and who is the face behind the colour in book and to Anton Robert for shooting it. Kirsten Goss, who always says yes before we say what for, and to Chiani Jewellers for indulging us, to Chapel for the bags, to frika for the wigs, to Dish for the food, who we drove mad with inspiration images. To Armand for the video and Chateau Gateau for the cakes. To the Fabulous Barista Boys, for adding whipped cream to hot chocolate. To Jordan wine and Frey Chocolates and San Pellegrino, delicious of course, to Inner Secrets for the underwear. To the techies and hiring companies, to Vivid Luxury, for being on call day and night.

Rasheda, Alannah and Adi we love your determination.

To our team at KLUK CGDT, that need a vault full of overtime money. To Yohji for understanding why we can’t do the promenade when we work too much!

Auction, laughter and and pure indulgence

To all our guests for donating generously.

Its unreal to believe all these people gave out of the goodness of their hearts.

HOPE definitely begins here!



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