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FASHION comes home…some like it HAUTE

HOUSE AND LEISURE recently did a cover story featuring our interior style as seen in our home and boutique

House and Leisure|01
House and Leisure|02
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“LEFT”     wooden framed round mirror with tree by Sobeit  ||  perfumed white cylinder containers by Carmelina & Lee;     “MIDDLE”    assorted  geometric print cushions by Handmade By Me  ||  lumo green skull by Sobeit  ||  fuscia pink rug by Mae Artisan Rugs  ||  assorted sizes “where you need it” tables by KLûK CGDT  ||  copper bowl by Woltemade  ||  rose gold candles by Carmelina & Lee  ||  rose gold diffuser by Carmelina & Lee  ||  sea green side plates by Malcolm Kluk  ||  bronze pots by BronzeAge  ||  round wooden tray with brass handle by KLûK CGDT   ||  bronze containers by BronzeAge  ||  dusty pink bowl by Frauke;     “RIGHT”      bronze faceted test tube vases by BronzeAge  ||  atmosphere spray by KLûK CGDT  ||  scented candles by Yswara  ||  scented candles and bath salts by KLûK CGDT  ||  brass table lamp and shade  by Woltemade  ||  assorted tea by Yswara  ||  pink skull by Sobeit
House and Leisure|08
“LEFT” resin unicorn head by Sobeit || bronze pots by BronzeAge || brass and marble bowls on stand by KLûK CGDT || assorted beaten brass bowls by KLûK CGDT;; “MIDDLE” paper origami object by KLûK CGDT; “RIGHT” tripod lamp by Sobeit || lumo green skull by Sobeit || fuscia pink rug by Mae Artisan Rugs || assorted sizes “where you need it” tables by KLûK CGDT || rose gold candles by Carmelina & Lee || rose gold diffuser by Carmelina & Lee
House and Leisure|09
“LEFT” Malcolm and Christiaan’s office consists of all their collectibles and finds from all over the world “MIDDLE” black lacquered bust and white stork both by Sobeit || white ceramic candle sticks by Nick Masemola an intern from Hilton Nell || leather bridal and plant by Windowsill || ivory ceramic bowl by Woltemade || marble and steel side table by Woltemade; “RIGHT” skull lamp by Sobeit

Photographed by Toby Murphy

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