It was Surreal

ItsSURREAL – it’s about “colour or not”, it’s “turned on its head or back-to-front”, its “Alice through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole”, its “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”, its “an acid trip with a rainbow destination”

We have nothing to be Guilty of

We thank all those collaborators, sponsors, detractors, friends and colleagues for encouraging us to push our own boundaries and know that our plans for next year are bigger and more exciting.
We wish everyone the best for 2016, be rested and be strong because it promises to be beautiful!

The ART of FASHION available now @KLuKCGDT

“We briefed creatives to take inspiration from our latest collection, a collaboration between Levi’s and KLûK CGDT, to produce work for exhibition. These limited editions represent their free creative vision without any commercial restriction and celebrates our industry”